User Experience Design

I've been working as a UX designer since 2016, creating a variety of front and backend, tools and experiences.  Hailing from India and having an architectural design background has helped focus my practice around accessibility and localisation




GoDaddy’s reseller program allows customers to sell GoDaddy products under their own brand. They can choose what products to sell, control commissions by determining their own markups, rates and promotion. Godaddy also provied resellers with pre-built mobile optimised, customisable storefront and a wordpress plugin.



GoPawty is a chatbot that was conceptualised for users to get personalised content to manage their pup’s life effortlessly. It revolves around 4 primary needs - Scheduling, Training, Tracking and Networking. It aims to help users achieve a good balance in their pups life and sends them recommendations based on various factors like age, breed, activity level, medical conditions.



Limebike’s venture Limebike’s venture into Seattle was a grand and succesful event. For a bright and vibrant startup there are a lot of ways to expand into endless features and aim at providing it all to the consumer. The process demanded that more time be spent into accessing core product and UX needs while building an efficient system for the design process to grow and evolve.


Miscellaneous Projects


UX/UI re-design

Pret A Manger

Mobile App UI Design


Mobile app concept design

Yellow Pages Austria

Responsive Website design